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Celebrating Real-World Learning at Northeast Academy for Aerospace & Advanced Technologies

By News

Congratulations to Northeast Academy for Aerospace and Advanced Technologies (NEAAAT), a Coalition member school led by CEO Andrew Harris. On Tuesday evening, the Elizabeth City charter school held its Spring Internship Expo and Business Appreciation Celebration. This event served as the culmination for the school’s internship program this semester. Twenty-eight high school juniors and seniors shared presentations about their experiences. NEAAAT’s program requires students to complete 80-hour internships in a field that they choose, deepening their capacity for real-world learning. Along the way, they also learn valuable skills to prepare them for the world of work.

The Daily Advance¬†covered NEAAAT’s event. In addition, NEAAAT has released a new video, “The NEAAAT Way.” The video showcases the difference the school’s hands-on approach and project-based learning makes in students’ academic and career pathways.

We invite you to watch more below. Learn how one student’s high school project and passion for racing developed into a collegiate pursuit of mechanical engineering and helping to build a Formula 1 racecar–from scratch.