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New coverage from our Charter Advocacy Summit

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We have new coverage to share from our 2024 Charter Advocacy Summit! We include our recap video below, along with an excerpt from an excellent article in North State Journal covering our March 7 reception and March 8 Summit.

Thank you to the speakers, charter leaders, and sponsors who participated in interviews–and to Brian Jodice who pulled the recap video together. Thanks again to our event sponsors, who made the Summit possible.


Here’s an excerpt from the NSJ article, which covers Superintendent Truitt’s reception speech:

In her remarks, Truitt noted how charter schools had kept their doors open during the pandemic, oftentimes “at a loss,” and showed parents how important charter schools are in North Carolina. She added that around 10% of students in the state attend a charter school.

“I am so incredibly proud of what this community did in order to help students recover from the pandemic more quickly than students who were shut out of their schools for longer,” said Truitt. “It was clear then, as it is now, that the opportunity to have choice in where a child goes to school, as well as choice in a method that your child best learns, are the greatest equalizers for parents and children.

“And there are absolutely forces in our state that want to take that choice away from you. And we are in a battle of philosophies between funding buildings and funding students … funding the system or funding students. And if we’re not careful, we are going to lose that battle.”

Watch Superintendent Truitt’s full remarks at the reception here. Read a more comprehensive recap of the Summit here.