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Coalition welcomes Win Group as corporate partner

By News

We are delighted to extend an official welcome to the Win Group as our newest corporate partner. Win Group is a health management consulting group providing a proactive Health Management Plan through a self-insured Section 125 Plan.  Charter school leaders may remember Win Group founder Bill Terryberry, who headed up Spider ERC. Bill has a strong record of experience working in the charter sector to optimize charter funding and employee retention.

Under this plan, the employee receives:

  • Zero copay for primary care doctor and urgent care visits.
  • A customized, self-managed health assessment plan.
  • Access to 24/7 telemedicine for self and up to 6 family members (plus pets).
  • Zero/$1 copay for 400-plus Tier 1 and Tier 2 drugs for self and family.
  • Net income increase (averaging $1,500 annually).

In addition, the employer receives:

  • Fixed FICA tax savings of $573.60 per qualified employee, per year.
  • A Health Management Plan that fosters a healthier and happier staff.
  • An added incentive for attracting and retaining the best talent available.

 PLEASE NOTE: This is a positive enhancement to major medical coverage. In fact, several providers are offering discounts on premiums, if this health management plan is in place. For more in-depth information, please contact Bill Terryberry at 910.724.9445 or
Find the Win Group on the Coalition’s Preferred Vendors page in the Health Management Services section.