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Debbie Veney Op-Ed: Don’t Cut Charter Schools Program Funding

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Debbie Veney is the senior vice president for communications and marketing at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Photo credit: NAPCS.

President Biden’s FY 25 budget includes a funding cut to the federal Charter Schools Program. That proposed cut comes after years of  flat funding for a program that plays an important role in launching and expanding public charter schools nationwide. Debbie Veney, a senior vice president at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, has a new op-ed out about the political stakes for cutting charter funding–and how ignoring the needs of parent voters is perilous for politicians.

In our post today, we share an excerpt from Debbie’s op-ed below:

I vote in every election. When it comes to casting a ballot, whether it’s for president, Congress, state legislators, governor, mayor or city council, I am always going to vote based on what’s best for my child. There is nothing a candidate can say about any issue that will change this calculus. If I don’t believe my child will be better off with that person in office, they will not get my vote.

And I am not alone. There are millions of Americans — white, Black, Hispanic, Democrat, Republican, rural, suburban, urban — who will make the very same decision come November. Choosing to put our kids first is not a political issue; it’s just how we are wired.