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Dept. of Public Instruction Announces New Parent Safety Committee

By News
Last week, the Center for Safer Schools (CFSS) at the N.C. Department of Public Instruction announced the formation of a new statewide parent advisory board on school safety. Known as the Parent Engagement Committee, the group will include 24 parents (two district school parents and one charter school parent from each of the state’s eight education regions). The committee is modeled after the Superintendent’s current Parent Advisory Commission, DPI noted.

Parents to provide input for policymakers, elected officials

“Members will share their aspirations for and discuss challenges within the K-12 education system, helping to put together recommendations for elected officials and policymakers in North Carolina, and provide direct input to CFSS Executive Director Karen W. Fairley,” DPI indicated in a press release.

We encourage parents to apply! Turnaround for applications is fast: Applications must be submitted by Friday, July 7.

Notifications to selected parent committee members will go out on Friday, July 28. Find the Parent Engagement Committee application here. Please note that parents must also submit a reference from an educator or public figure (county commissioner, member of the local chamber of commerce, etc.) with their completed application.

Questions? Email cfss@dpi.nc.gov.