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N.C. Charters Earn Top Spots in New U.S. News High School Ranking

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U.S. News & World Report is out with new high school rankings for 2024, and the news is very good for public charter schools!

In North Carolina, public charter schools occupy 14 of the top 50 spots among the state’s leading public high schools.

Here’s the list of those charter schools:

  • Raleigh Charter High School, #4
  • Woods Charter, #5
  • Lake Norman Charter, #15
  • Research Triangle High School, #17
  • Triangle Math & Science Academy, #18
  • Pine Lake Prep, #21
  • NC Leadership Academy, #24
  • Eno River Academy, #27
  • Gray Stone Day, #28
  • Community School of Davidson, #29
  • Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, #30
  • Henderson Collegiate, #35
  • Oxford Prep, #40
  • The Hawbridge School, #49

Congratulations to these schools, and especially to Coalition member schools!

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Niche: Charter schools among N.C.’s top-ranked public schools

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Education platform Niche has released its 2024 school rankings, with N.C. charter schools earning top honors among the state’s public schools. One N.C. charter school–Raleigh Charter High School–is ranked #4 on the list of the country’s best charter high schools. Among elementary schools in North Carolina, 18 of the top 20 public schools are charter schools!

These charter schools made Niche’s list of the state’s top public high schools:

In addition, these charter schools made Niche’s list of the state’s top public elementary schools:

  • Southeastern Academy, #1
  • Metrolina Regional Scholars Academy, #2
  • The Academy of Moore County, #3
  • Quest Academy, #4
  • The Expedition School, #5
  • Woods Charter, #6
  • Sterling Montessori, #7
  • Summerfield Charter Academy, #8 (Ranked #1 among best public elementary schools in the Greensboro area)
  • Greensboro Academy, #9 (Ranked #2 among best public elementary schools in the Greensboro area)
  • Endeavor Charter, #10
  • Magellan Charter School, #11
  • Willow Oak Montessori, #13
  • Tiller School, #14
  • Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, #15
  • Socrates Academy, #16
  • Lake Norman Charter, #17
  • Pine Springs Preparatory Academy, #18
  • New Dimensions, #19

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*Coalition member schools are in bold.

Sixteen N.C. Charter Schools Make Annual List of Best High Schools

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Sixteen North Carolina charter schools earned a top-50 spot in U.S. News & World Report’s annual ranking, released yesterday, of the state’s best public high schools. Top 2023-24 high schools across the nation, according to the publication, were those producing high student test scores and “strong underserved student performance, college readiness and curriculum breadth, as well as graduation rates.”

Today the Coalition distributed a press release highlighting the achievement of these 16 charter schools. Find the release here.

The N.C. charter schools earning a top-50 spot for 2023-24 were:

  • Raleigh Charter High School, #5
  • Woods Charter School, #9
  • Community School of Davidson, #13
  • Pine Lake Preparatory, #15
  • Gray Stone Day School, #16
  • Lake Norman Charter, #21
  • Research Triangle High School, #22
  • The North Carolina Leadership Academy, #27
  • The Hawbridge School, #37
  • Thomas Jefferson Classical Academy, #38
  • Longleaf School of the Arts, #40
  • Triangle Math and Science Academy, #43
  • Franklin Academy, #45
  • Oxford Preparatory School, #46
  • Henderson Collegiate, #47
  • Pinnacle Classical Academy, #49

Six of these schools are Coalition member schools (highlighted in bold).

See the ranking of all N.C. public high schools here. View the charter-only list of top public high schools here.