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New survey data: NC charter teachers are happy at work

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New survey findings presented this morning to the Charter Schools Review Board offer an encouraging report about job satisfaction among the state’s charter school teachers. More than 9 in 10 are proud of their schools and feel good about working there.

Dr. Jeni Corn, the director of the Office of Research and Evaluation at the Department of Public Instruction, shared the findings in a presentation with disaggregated charter school data.  Data come from the 2024 North Carolina Teacher Working Conditions Survey. Regarding charter school teachers’ high levels of job satisfaction, Dr. Corn stated, “This is data to be celebrated.”

Here are some highlights about what the state’s charter teachers think:

  • 93% believe their school is “a good place to work and learn.”
  • 93% say they’re proud to work at their school.
  • 91% believe they are are “an important part” of their school.
  • 89% say they feel loyal to their school.
  • 83% say there is “an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect” at their school.

The slide below summarizes these items relevant to teacher retention:

Dr. Jeni Corn, “CSRB Update: 2024 NC Teacher Working Conditions,” Presentation to the Charter Schools Review Board, June 11, 2024.

Who responded to the survey?

  • 72% of NC charter schools had a greater than 50% completion rate (the minimum threshold to receive school-level data back).
  • Overall, the charter sector had a 68% teacher response rate. Most survey participants, 88%, were classroom teachers (6,986 out of 10,279 total respondents). Other respondents worked in school services, and included school counselors, school psychologists, instructional coaches, and more.
  • More than half (54%) of survey respondents were experienced educators.

“CSRB Update: 2024 NC Teacher Working Conditions.”

View Dr. Corn’s presentation here. Listen to the audio from the presentation this morning. (Dr. Corn’s presentation is at the beginning of the video.)