Charter School Architecture, Construction & Design

Choate Construction

Founded in 1989, Choate Construction Company has grown to be one of the Southeast’s largest contractors having Carolina offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, and Charleston as well as Atlanta, Nashville and Savannah.  Choate is a 100% employee-owned company that provides full general contracting services having an extensive resume in charter and independent schools. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to school construction, but a few elements will carry throughout the work regardless of the charter school. Choate welcomes the opportunity to introduce you to all we offer and how this sets us apart from all others. 

Charter Leader Testimonial

“I have had the opportunity to work with Choate on over 10 projects and continue to be blown away by the level of service we have received and the buildings that are being delivered. Ultimately everything in construction will come down to budget and time, and it means so much as an owner to be able to say all of our projects have finished on-time and on-budget even in the midst of Covid and all the supply chain issues that wreaked havoc across the construction industry. They truly care about the projects and understand the impacts of charter schools in our state. We have and will continue to recommend them as a 10 out of 10 partner if considering a construction project.”

-Garrett McNeill

Real Estate Acquisition & Development

Movement Foundation

Hubrich Contracting, Inc.

Hubrich Contracting is a charter school specialist and real estate development construction company with a focus on full service facility development. Our development company is an innovator in the construction industry who has streamlined the finance, design, and construction of projects into a timely, cost-effective, and high quality system. We begin with the infrastructure and follow through to the final completion and occupancy of your project with amazing results.

Charter Leader Testimonial

“I would recommend Hubrich Contracting, Inc. to any potential school client. Steve Hubrich and his team constructed our charter high school, approximately 39,000 square feet in size, beautifully designed with tilt­panel concrete walls. The project was completed on time, within budget, and with extreme professionalism. The project manager and onsite supervisors kept us informed about our project on a regular basis and were in constant communication with status and updates.

“It was a pleasure working with the Hubrich Contracting team. Our students, parents, and staff are beyond pleased with the finished product. Hubrich Contracting will always have the recommendation of Oxford Preparatory School.”

-Andrew Swanner

Executive Director

Oxford Preparatory School

Insight Architects

Insight Architects specializes in educational facility design. We are a small, innovative architectural design firm that uses a highly collaborative design process to create energetic, functional, state of the art learning environments that create excitement, foster a sense of community, and help students learn.

 View recent charter school projects here.

Charter Leader Testimonial

“Insight Architects, and specifically Vince Ciccarelli, have been providing architectural services to our school since 2015. Not only were they the primary architect for the initial building that we opened in 2017, but we have also used their services multiple times since then as they have played a vital supporting role in the overall growth of our campus.

“After completion of our 45,000 sq. ft. K-5 building in 2017, we contracted with Insight for the design of our 65,000 sq. ft. middle school building that opened in 2021. As a testament to the quality of their work, Business NC gave our school an honorable mention as one of the best new buildings in the state of North Carolina in 2022—the only K-12 school to receive such a designation.

“Currently, Insight is the primary architect on the 16,000 sq. ft. expansion of our K-5 building, which is scheduled to be completed in February 2024.

“Clearly we think very highly of the level of service and work that Insight Architects has provided to us over the past decade.”

-Bruce Friend

Head of School

Pine Springs Preparatory Academy

School Learning Environments

Meteor Education

Meteor Education is the leading provider for the design, delivery, and implementation of modern learning environments for K-12 schools, operating at the intersection of learning environments and learning experiences. The company focuses on providing complete services and solutions in guiding K–12 schools in designing, procuring, and fully implementing ProSocial Learning EnvironmentsTM, appropriately suited to their budgets and desired learning outcomes. Meteor primarily serves school districts and private schools seeking to modernize their learning environments, methods, and tools to significantly accelerate student engagement.

Charter Leader Testimonial

“I am so thankful for the partnership we have developed with Meteor Education. We have worked on numerous projects over the years, and they always go above and beyond to take care of us. I have walked in after-hours on construction projects many times to find Meteor as the last people in the building working overtime to make sure our schools are up and running on time. Their furniture options and color combinations are second to none and the quality has been excellent and held up well over the years. If anyone is considering school furniture, I always will start the conversation with Meteor.”

-Garrett McNeill

Real Estate Acquisition & Development

Movement Foundation

Financial Services


Ecofin provides much needed capital to charter schools in order for them to be able to purchase property as well as renovate or construct their permanent school facility. With over 20 years of experience working with schools, our team has a proven history of partnering with new/start-up, young or expanding charter school programs. Our goal is to help set you up for both short-term and long-term success. Let’s talk about your needs!

Contact us today! Reach out to Nathan Vallette at or 913-687-5685 or Tiny McLaughlin at or 773-206-0385.

Charter Leader Testimonial

“Ecofin was a great partner start to finish. They were the exact right fit for our project knowing that we were a start -up. They took time to get to know our operations, our team, and our approach to ensure that we were able to get financing and they got a good return for their risk. We are just finalizing our refinance out of their bonds, and they were incredible partners to us, helping us where necessary, counseling when appropriate, and coordinating the many pieces of our puzzle.

“We wouldn’t be the school we are without Ecofin and their amazing team.”

-John Nosek

Chairman of the Board

Revolution Academy

Spider ERC

Spider ERC is a leading ERC company providing one-to-one personalized care and processing claims for hundreds of businesses and nonprofits of all sizes. We work directly with charter schools to help them receive their Employee Retention Credit (ERC). If you have not applied for this credit, you may want to pursue it as soon as possible.  Please contact Regional Director Bill Terryberry at 910.724.9445. 

Charter Leader Testimonial

“When I first heard about the Employee Retention Credit, I didn’t think my school was eligible.  After talking with Bill Terryberry and Eric Brief, the president of SpiderERC, I found out we WERE eligible.  They walked me through an easy process of filing the paperwork necessary to receive these funds. Now I am going to receive funding we had not anticipated.  These unexpected funds will help us better meet the needs of the students we serve.  I encourage you to call Bill Terryberry to see how much funding your school is eligible to receive.”

-Eugene Slocum

CEO & Superintendent

Alpha Academy


With more than 100 years of experience, Ziegler is a recognized leader in providing facilities financings to charter schools in North Carolina and nationally.

Ziegler can guide you through the maze of financing options, including public bond offerings and direct and private placements utilizing proprietary bank relationships. Consult with us to understand the options available to you, whether you lead a single-site charter school or multi-school network. We offer a range of financial structures, including:

•       Tax-exempt bond financing

•       Taxable bond financing

•       Bank loans and private placements

•       Rated vs. nonrated bonds

•       Alternate structures

Click here to learn more about financing structures or to pursue a free debt capacity analysis.

Charter Leader Testimonial

“We sat down with the team from Ziegler right after Thanksgiving last year. At that
time I wasn’t sure we could afford to finance our full facility and I had no prior
experience with bond financing. With Ziegler’s expertise and knowledge of school
funding, by March we had locked in financing to build our dream project while
providing long-term financial stability. We’ll open our classrooms and gymnasium this summer, just in time to celebrate our 10th year as a school. We couldn’t have done this without their help.”

– Michelle Vruwink, Executive Director, The Franklin School of Innovation

U.S. Bank

U.S. Bank is a full-service bank, and is ranked 5th across the nation. We have many accolades; the one we are most proud of is our “World’s Most Ethical Companies Ethisphere” award. We have been nominated for 9+ years in a row. We are experts at supporting charter schools and nonprofits in the Carolinas by providing a tailored approach and treating each business relationship with care. We aim to reduce overall costs for our organizations and provide high-yield deposit accounts with elite lending options. Our top priority is to create value at every step and, most importantly, to become a liaison and advocate for this lovely community. If your organization has any present or future needs, we have a solution and are at your disposal.

Charter Leader Testimonial

“We love the personal approach of the team at U.S. Bank! They have provided our school with banking services ranging from bond fund management to our everyday operating accounts. From offering highly competitive interest rates to super responsive customer service, we have been truly impressed with their commitment to meeting our needs.”

-Glenn Byrum, Executive Director, Mountain Island Charter School  

Charter School Support Services

Charter Success Partners

Charter Success Partners is passionate about charter schools and the work they do. That’s why we offer experienced charter school support services to ensure all of our clients are successful. We can help your school with:

  • Finance: Payroll, state reporting, and budgeting
  • Operational services: Support for your Board of Directors, marketing, transportation, and facilities
  • Student information systems: PowerSchool management, state reporting, enrollment, and student registration
  • Software: Data monitoring, carline software, purchasing workflow software, lottery/registration, and beyond

Charter Leader Testimonial

“Charter Success Partners is a valuable partner to Ascend Leadership Academy. As an administrator, I am able to focus on the needs of our students and teachers because of CSP’s support in specific operational areas including finance, student information, human resources, marketing and grant writing.  CSP also collaborates with ALA administration and the Board of Directors to help us complete our fiduciary responsibilities in an effective and efficient manner.

“CSP plays a vital role in helping us achieve our instructional, operational, and financial goals by lending their expertise in the charter school industry. Their employees are very professional and work with us hand in hand to complete the important work we are doing for the students of North Carolina.”

-Justin T. Smith

Managing Director

Ascend Leadership Academy


With experience in both the public and private sector, for profit and non-profit, ImplementED is uniquely positioned to serve individuals and organizations through philanthropic research and development, strategic planning, evaluation, learning & development, and content development and curation.

Charter Leader Testimonial

“Thank you, ImplementEd, for the great Team Building and Goal Setting presentation that you made at our recent CSUSA State Team Retreat. It was interactive, thought probing, and fun! My team is still talking about it, and it helped build relationships and trust that is much needed to be an effective team. It was time well spent!”

-Dave Machado

State Superintendent, North Carolina

Charter Schools USA

Prestige School Solutions

Prestige School Solutions LLC is the premier provider of comprehensive back office and consultancy services to independent schools of choice throughout the United States. Prestige delivers the peace of mind of knowing that your financial reporting, payroll, human resources, and other back office functions are soundly managed, allowing you to focus on teaching, leading, and growing your school.

Charter Leader Testimonial

“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Prestige School Solutions over the past year, during which time I have consistently been impressed with their professionalism, attention to detail, and dedication to excellence.  In their role as our CFO, they have demonstrated exceptional organizational skills and an ability to streamline processes. Their expertise in back office management, coupled with their strong analytical skills, allowed us to identify areas for improvement effectively.  I am confident that Prestige will bring the same level of dedication, expertise, and enthusiasm to your organization, and I wholeheartedly recommend them for any back-office management services you may require.”

-Jack James

Chief Operating Officer

Union Academy Charter School

66 Executive Wellness Consulting

Dr. Percy “Chico” Caldwell brings expertise in facilitating system training in creating a success culture for leaders and the organizations they serve. He has experience in K-12 education culture, school turnaround, and more. His services include:

  • Staff development
  • Facilitating retreats for staff and board members
  • Leadership alignment sessions
  • Teacher/staff professional learning training & courses
  • Teacher coaching
  • Collaborative classroom observations

Charter Leader Testimonial

“My journey with Dr. Chico Caldwell and his team started before I officially took over as superintendent of Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy. We were an ‘F’ school—and had not met growth for 10 consecutive years. Now understand, I have been a part of multiple School Improvement Grants from America’s Choice, New Schools, Southern Regional Education Board, and now Innovative Partnership Grant (IPG). Most of these programs are frustrating because they are ‘cookie cutter’ programs that have all the schools doing the exact same strategies regardless of the demographics or challenges the school may face. Let me be clear, if these strategies worked, there would be no low performing schools. The truth of the matter is, most of these programs collect the school’s funding and move on while the school continues to struggle for years to come.

“When I met Dr. Caldwell, he was briefing the Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy administrative team. Upon the completion of the briefing, I had one simple question: ‘Why are you in my building?’ I wanted him to explain to me what his plan was to correct our failures; besides, his team was already 18 months into a 36 month grant with very little improvement to show for their payment and work. But from this one simple question, he developed a one-to-one professional development plan that focused on changing the culture of the school. These one-to-one professional development sessions were the absolute key in turning around Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy. In the past, I worked at schools that had so much money, we could buy whatever we wanted to buy—but nothing ever changed academically. After working with Dr. Caldwell, I realized we had never addressed the school culture. Without focusing on changing the school culture, nothing else mattered. It takes time to change a school’s culture, but trust me, you cannot move forward until you do so.

“Dr. Caldwell and his team have provided me with an additional set of eyes with classroom observations, and teacher professional development and mentorship that have proved invaluable to changing the culture of this school and helping us move down the road of continuous school improvement. Without them, we never would have broken a cycle of 10 years as an ‘F’ school that did not meet expected growth to becoming a ‘C’ school and meeting expected growth.”

-Dr. Jason M. Wray


Paul R. Brown Leadership Academy

Public Relations

Ryan Public Relations

Ryan Public Relations offers a thorough and complementary blend of persuasive communications and deep knowledge of the North Carolina media and political environment. The firm:

  • Drafts thorough communications assets (e.g., press releases, stakeholder communications) for internal or external audiences;
  • Engages with reporters to pitch or respond to news stories;
  • Manages and executes crisis communications strategies;
  • Offers strategic public affairs counsel to achieve client goals.

Charter Leader Testimonial

“As the Coalition’s public relations consultant since 2021, Pat has leveraged his considerable savvy and skills to promote the state’s charter school movement and the Coalition brand with the public and in the media. He is polished and professional—possessing deep expertise in public policy, communications, and education—and he works strategically to craft messaging that communicates key concepts effectively to diverse audiences. I have found Pat to be agile, responsive, and highly competent, and he has become a trusted and valued member of my Coalition team.”

-Lindalyn Kakadelis

Executive Director

North Carolina Coalition for Charter Schools

Legal Counsel

Walker Kiger

Steven Walker is an attorney with extensive expertise in North Carolina charter school and education law. He has served as counsel for charter schools across the state and also as the vice chair for the North Carolina Charter Schools Advisory Board. Learn more about his legal and public service background here. 

Steven offers the following services to charter schools:

  • Counsel for charter school boards
  • Crisis intervention for charter schools
  • Personalized legal services for charter schools

Charter Leader Testimonial

“Attorney Walker has been instrumental in guiding Wake Preparatory Academy through complex legal matters pertaining to education law. His extensive legal expertise has proven essential in helping our school board maintain compliance with North Carolina and Federal laws and regulations. I highly recommend Attorney Walker for any school seeking sound operational and strategic legal advice.”

– Kyle Shrauger

Board President

Wake Preparatory Academy (K-12)