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New swing state poll: Black & Hispanic voters strongly support school choice

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A new poll of Black and Hispanic voters in seven battleground states finds high levels of support for public school choice. The poll, released July 10 by the Freedom Coalition for Charter Schools, assessed the views of 906 likely voters in states that are expected to play a pivotal role in the 2024 election. Those states are: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

In a press release highlighting findings, FCCS noted:

The poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Black and Hispanic swing state voters want families to have more options in the public school system, specifically the ability to send children to schools other than those they’re assigned to and that will best meet the needs of the children. There is also strong support among respondents for greater investments in public schools, including charter schools, which are free and accessible to all and positively impact students of color.

Key findings for Black and Hispanic voters:

  • 91% agree parents deserve the right to choose the public school that best meets their child’s individual needs.
  • 90% support increasing funding for all public schools, including public charter schools.
  • 81% want to give parents more schooling options in education.
  • 68% agree that children living in their neighborhood would access a better education if they could attend a school outside their zip code.
  • 66% believe public schools are failing Black/Latino children (75% of Black voters and 58% of Hispanic voters).
  • 61% describe the quality of American public schools as either “fair” or “poor.”
  • Just 50% agree that most Black/Latino children who attend their assigned public school receive a quality education (38% of Black voters and 61% of Hispanic voters).

Source: “Offering a Choice for Quality Education,” Polling presentation by Cornell Belcher, July 2024.

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Brilliant Corners Research & Strategies conducted the poll in conjunction with FCCS between June 4-10, 2024. Brilliant Corners is a polling firm run by Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher.

Vote for pro-charter candidates in the primary election!

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Early voting for the upcoming primary election ends at 3 p.m. this Saturday, March 2. Please vote for a pro-charter candidate–whether you vote early or on Election Day, March 5!  To educate voters about how the primary candidates stack up on support for public charter schools, the Coalition Board of Directors has endorsed a slate of pro-charter candidates.

Candidates endorsed by the Coalition

North Carolina House of Representatives
North Carolina Senate
State Superintendent of Public Instruction
*Candidates with an asterisk are not incumbents.

In a press release announcing the candidate endorsements, Lindalyn Kakadelis, executive director of the Coalition, said:

Our organization endorses candidates exclusively on the basis of their support for public charter schools. Parents deserve a choice in their public schooling, and we use what resources we have to see to it that parents know who supports their choice and who doesn’t. These candidates have a track record of supporting public charter schools. They embrace the idea that parents deserve options in deciding which public school environment will best help their children achieve their full potential.

More information about voting in the primary election

Election Day voting on Tuesday, March 5, runs from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m. Access more information about your in-person voting place on Election Day. When you vote, remember to bring your photo I.D.
Elections have consequences. The success of North Carolina’s charter movement pivots around the outcome of elections. Working to elect pro-charter candidates means the Coalition is able to advance our legislative goals at the General Assembly of protecting charter autonomy and pushing for fair funding. Please vote!
Coalition endorsements are non-partisan and issue-driven. View our Guidelines for Candidate Endorsement.