Candidate Surveys

About the Coalition’s 2022 Candidate Surveys

This summer, the Coalition sent an online questionnaire to every candidate running for state or federal office in North Carolina. Our purpose: to understand how the 2022 candidates view public charter schools–and then to share that information with North Carolinians. Some candidates did not respond to us; in that case, you won’t see their names listed below.

However, many candidates did respond, and took the time to complete our questionnaire about public charter schools. We link to these candidates’ responses on this page. We’ve grouped candidates by the office they’re seeking in the 2022 election: North Carolina House of Representatives, North Carolina Senate, North Carolina Supreme Court, and U.S. Congress.

We identify political affiliations as follows: R-Republican, D-Democrat, and L-Libertarian.

Not sure about your legislative district? Find it here.

North Carolina House of Representatives

North Carolina Senate