Candidate Recommendations

At the Coalition, we work to ensure North Carolina voters know which candidates will be most supportive of public charter schools. That’s why we recommend specific candidates. We base our recommendations on whether a candidate supports our two key advocacy goals: fair funding and autonomy for charter schools.

To assess candidates’ views for 2022, we evaluated their responses to our questionnaire. We also considered their historical support for public charter schools. Read the Coalition’s 2022 Guidelines for Candidate Recommendations.

The Coalition’s candidate recommendations are non-partisan and always will be.

2022 Coalition Recommended Candidates

North Carolina Senate

District 1—Norm Sanderson (R—Uncontested)

District 2—Jim Perry (R—Uncontested)

District 3—Bobby Hanig (R)

District 4—Buck Newton (R)

District 6—Michael Lazzarra (R—Uncontested)

District 7—Michael Lee (R)

District 8—Bill Rabon (R—Uncontested)

District 9—Brent Jackson (R—Uncontested)

District 10—Benton Sawrey (R)

District 11—Lisa Barnes (R)

District 12—Jim Burgin (R)

District 18—E.C. Sykes (R)

District 19—Wesley Meredith (R)

District 21—Tom McInnis (R)

District 22—Mike Woodard (D)

District 24—Danny Britt, Jr. (R)

District 25—Amy Scott Galey (R)

District 26—Phil Berger (R—Uncontested)

District 29—Dave Craven, Jr. (R)

District 30—Steve Jarvis (R)

District 31—Joyce Krawiec (R—Uncontested)

District 32—Paul Lowe, Jr. (D)

District 33—Carl Ford (R)

District 34—Paul Newton (R)

District 35—Todd Johnson (R—Uncontested)

District 36—Eddie Settle (R—Uncontested)

District 37—Vickie Sawyer (R—Uncontested)

District 43—Brad Overcash (R—Uncontested)

District 44—Ted Alexander (R—Uncontested)

District 46—Warren Daniel (R)

District 47—Ralph Hise (R—Uncontested)

District 48—Tim Moffitt (R)

District 50—Kevin Corbin (R)

North Carolina House of Representatives

District 2—Larry Yarborough (R)

District 3—Steve Tyson (R—Uncontested)

District 4—Jimmy Dixon (R)

District 5—Howard Hunter (D)

District 7—Matthew Winslow (R—Uncontested)

District 10—John Bell (R—Uncontested)

District 12—Chris Humphrey (R)

District 14—George Cleveland (R)

District 16—Carson Smith (R—Uncontested)

District 17—Frank Iler (R)

District 19—Charlie Miller (R—Uncontested)

District 20—Ted Davis, Jr. (R)

District 23—Shelly Willingham (D)

District 24—Ken Fontenot (R)

District 26—Donna McDowell White (R)

District 27—Michael Wray (D)

District 28—Larry Strickland (R)

District 35—Fred Von Canon (R)

District 36—John Harris (R)

District 37—Erin Paré (R)

District 39—James Roberson (D)

District 40—Marilyn Avila (R)

District 43—Diane Wheatley (R)

District 46—Brenden Jones (R—Uncontested)

District 47—Jarrod Lowery (R)

District 48—Garland Pierce (D)

District 50—Charles Lopez (R)

District 51—John Sauls (R)

District 52—Ben Moss (R—Uncontested)

District 53—Howard Penny, Jr. (R)

District 55—Mark Brody (R—Uncontested)

District 59—Jon Hardister (R)

District 60—Cecil Brockman (D)

District 62—John Faircloth (R)

District 63—Stephen Ross (R)

District 64—Dennis Riddell (R)

District 65—Reece Pyrtle (R)

District 67—Wayne Sasser (R—Uncontested)

District 68—David Willis (R—Uncontested)

District 69—Dean Arp (R)

District 73—Brian Echevarria (R)

District 74—Jeff Zenger (R)

District 76—Harry Warren (R—Uncontested)

District 77—Julia Howard (R—Uncontested)

District 78—Neal Jackson (R)

District 79—Keith Kidwell (R—Uncontested)

District 81—Larry Potts (R)

District 82—Kristin Baker (R—Uncontested)

District 84—Jeffrey McNeeley (R)

District 86—Hugh Blackwell (R—Uncontested)

District 87—Destin Hall (R)

District 89—Mitchell Smith Setzer (R—Uncontested)

District 90—Sarah Stevens (R—Uncontested)

District 92—Terry Brown (D)

District 93—Ray Pickett (R)

District 94—Jeffrey Elmore (R)

District 95—Greg Mills (R)

District 96—Jay Adams (R—Uncontested)

District 97—Jason Saine (R—Uncontested)

District 98—John Bradford (R)

District 103—Bill Brawley (R)

District 107—Kelly Alexander (D)

District 108—John Torbett (R—Uncontested)

District 109—Donnie Loftis (R)

District 110—Kelly Hastings (R—Uncontested)

District 111—Tim Moore (R—Uncontested)

District 112—Tricia Cotham (D)

District 113—Jake Johnson (R—Uncontested)

District 118—Mark Pless (R)

District 119—Mike Clampitt (R)

District 120—Karl Gillespie (R—Uncontested)