May 13, 2021

Charter supporters prevail in pro-charter legislation

Charter supporters had a big win yesterday! An amendment stripping a funding provision from charter legislation has failed. Yesterday, House Republicans decided not to move an amendment forward that would…
May 11, 2021

How to celebrate National Charter Schools Week this week

It's National Charter Schools Week! Around the nation, charter supporters are celebrating National Charter Schools Week. This year, public charter schools are celebrating their 30th birthday! The first charter law…
May 6, 2021

Preparing to celebrate 25 years of charters in NC

25 years of charter schools in North Carolina! Charter leaders, mark your calendars for June 21, 2021! Exactly 25 years before, on June 21, 1996, North Carolina lawmakers ratified legislation…
May 4, 2021

National Charter Schools Week is coming May 9-15

National Charter Schools Week is coming up soon! The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools will be launching a celebration of National Charter Schools Week from May 9 to May…