Charter Review Board Hears Update from 2023 Annual Report

By April 9, 2024 News

The North Carolina Charter Schools Review Board (CSRB) met yesterday, hearing a presentation on the state’s new 2023 Annual Charter Schools Report. State numbers show a growing and diversifying charter sector–with demand that continues to exceed capacity. Ashley Baquero, the executive director of the Office of Charter Schools, provided the update to CSRB on the new annual report.

Some key takeaways for 2023-24:

  • 210 charter schools are operating across the state during this school year.
  • Charter schools are currently serving 145,975 students, over 10% of the state’s public K-12 enrollment.
  • Charter schools are reporting 85,551 students are on their waitlists.
  • Demographic data reveal a diversifying charter sector, with charter schools enrolling higher percentages of Black and Asian students, as well as students of two or more races, compared to district schools.

Here’s a deeper dive on that charter waitlist data:

  • Over 80% of the state’s charter schools (169 schools) reported waitlists in 2023-24.
  • Nearly 40% of charter schools (83 schools) had waitlists of 200 or more students.
  • Around 18% of charter schools (37 schools) had waitlists of more than 700 students.

Bottom line: More and more North Carolina families are embracing public charter schools for their children. This is an affirmation of the decision lawmakers made over 25 years ago to authorize a system of public charter schools in our state.