CCS-Leland Earns Top 20 Honors Nationwide on the Classic Learning Test

By February 22, 2024 News

A North Carolina public charter school has earned a berth among the “top 20” schools on a rigorous, nationally standardized test. Middle schoolers at Classical Charter Schools-Leland, a Coalition member school, earned scores on the Classic Learning Test (CLT 8) in 2023 that were higher than any other public school in the nation. All other schools ranked on the top 20 list were private schools that charge tuition. Congratulations, CCS-Leland!

The Roger Bacon Academy, the charter network behind CCS-Leland, attributes student success on CLT to the intensive–and longstanding–efforts of the school’s curriculum leaders:

CCS-Leland’s scoring in the elite Top Twenty is due to the twenty-five years of continual development by RBA’s Curriculum Department under Jessica Lopez, Dean of Classical Humanities, and Ali Cause-Nance, Dean of Math/Science, along with the coaches and teaching teams dedicated to educating the children of North Carolina.

Source: The Roger Bacon Academy, “Classic Learning Test (CLT) 8: What is it? How did we do?”

RBA has developed a table (above, and in a memo summarizing test scores) showing the ranking by location, school type, and tuition level. CCS-Leland is one of just three North Carolina schools on the list, and the only public school.

About the Classic Learning Test

CLT 8 is a diagnostic and summative assessment for 7th and 8th graders across the nation. Designed to evaluate high school readiness, CLT assesses student learning in several core areas: verbal reasoning; grammar and writing; and quantitative reasoning. The test incorporates robust, rigorous texts from classic literature. Think Virgil, Chaucer, and Tolkien, as examples of cited authors across CLT exams. View a CLT 8 practice test.

For college-bound high schoolers, CLT has gained traction as an alternative to the SAT or ACT. More than 250 colleges now accept CLT scores in lieu of SAT or ACT scores. Florida’s state university system approved CLT in 2023 as a college admission test. (Read more here.)

What’s CLT like? Education researcher Daniel Buck, writing in The Hill, sums it up:

Created in 2015, the CLT hopes to revive what we consider an education of old — logic, grammar, Shakespeare, Tolstoy. In format, it resembles its competitors, featuring passages with multiple choice questions. Yet students instead read the likes of Plato on tyrannical man or St. Teresa of Avila on the virtues of a humble life.