Changes to Your State & Local Funding: Summit Panel Deep Dive

By February 13, 2024 News

Over the next two weeks, we’ll publish a series of blog posts taking a deep dive on panels at the Coalition’s upcoming 2024 Advocacy Summit on March 7-8, 2024. These panels are built around critical information that impacts your charter school funding, operations, and growth. Today, we highlight our panel on state and local funding.

Understanding Shifts in Your State & Local Funding

Did you know the model for determining your ADM is being completely revamped, with changes rolling out soon—for the 2024-25 school year?  During our 2024 Summit funding panel, we will review the state’s new model and how it will affect your funding.  We’ll also address the local funding process in North Carolina that was standardized statewide last year, with greater transparency. The Coalition was involved last spring in sharing input into this process, and it is essential that charter school leaders understand it. Charter CFOs need to expect school districts (LEAs) to use a common spreadsheet in determining local funding.

Our funding panel will feature some of the state’s leading experts on both of these funding changes: Aaron Beaulieu, a partner at School Operations Specialists; Dr. Andrew Smith, Asst. State Superintendent at DPI’s Office of Innovation; and Christy Berry, the finance director at Lincoln Charter School. Both Aaron and Christy served on Dr. Smith’s committee working to standardize the local funding process.

These three leaders will guide you through impending changes in how your state funding will be calculated next year, and ensure you leave understanding what to expect as the 2024-2025 school year launches. They will also share why all charter schools and districts should use the same template when determining local funding.  This is must-have information—with direct impacts for your charter school’s financial bottom line!