New resources with charter school fast facts

By August 24, 2023 News

Are you looking for more tools and resources to share fast facts about charter schools? We highlighted some resources in a blog post earlier this week, but we have a new one today: a short but helpful video from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. The video reinforces the basic facts about charters: They’re public. Free. And open to all.

Here are some more data points as the 2023-24 school year launches:

  • More than 3.7 million students attend public charter schools nationwide. In North Carolina, 140,000 students attend charter schools
  • Across the country, around 7,800 public charter schools serve students. In North Carolina, 211 public charter schools (including two virtual charter schools) are operating for the 2023-24 school year.

Learn more about charter schools from the Coalition’s “About Charter Schools” web page. View more national stats from the Alliance’s Charter School FAQs.