Lawmakers Pass Bill Streamlining Charter Application Process

By June 29, 2023 News

We have good news to report on H.B. 618, Charter School Review Board! Lawmakers in the House voted Tuesday to concur with the version of the bill the Senate passed last week. H.B. 618 was ratified yesterday and presented to Governor Cooper. He has 10 days to sign or veto the bill–or allow it to become law without his signature.

The Coalition worked hard to secure passage of H.B. 618, and we are grateful to all of the bill’s sponsors and supporters–and its bipartisan support in the House. The bill’s primary sponsors include Rep. Tricia Cotham, Speaker Tim Moore, Rep. Destin Hall, and Rep. David Willis.

Streamlining an inefficient process

H.B. 618 creates a remedy for an inefficient process. It converts the current Charter Schools Advisory Board into a Charter School Review Board, with sole authority to approve charter applications and renewals. Currently, CSAB reviews charter school applications and makes recommendations to the State Board of Education; the State Board then approves or denies these applications. As Coalition Executive Director Lindalyn Kakadelis pointed out in a recent WCNC article, this process is duplicative and inefficient.

Under H.B. 618, the State Board of Education would continue to oversee charter school accountability, rule-making, and funding. In addition, the State Board would hear appeals related to Review Board denials. The bill stipulates that applicants, charter schools, and the State Superintendent may appeal Review Board decisions.

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Kristen Blair

Author Kristen Blair

Kristen Blair is the communications director for the North Carolina Coalition for Charter Schools.

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