Growing media coverage of HB 219

By April 13, 2023 News

Media outlets continue to cover developments around HB 219, Charter School Omnibus. A new article from Fox News includes comments from Rep. Jason Saine, one of the bill’s co-sponsors. Here’s an excerpt from the article below:

“Going so far as to suggest that the bill seeks to take funding from traditional students when the fact is we believe money should follow the child, not an antiquated system that has bred disparity in outcomes across the state,” said Saine. “This bill, cosponsored by several House leaders, including Rep. Cotham and myself, seeks to end the practice” …

… Saine argued that while some public-school systems do well in educating students, many “fall way short and unfortunately do a great disservice to many families,” calling for new innovations to the status quo.

Meanwhile, multiple local boards of education have passed resolutions opposing HB 219. These include the Stanly School Board, the Cabarrus County School Board, and others.

What can you do to push back on opposition and express support for HB 219? Contact your legislator to share your views. Find out who represents you here.