Superintendent Truitt hosts final advisory meeting to redesign state’s accountability model

By February 2, 2023 News

Superintendent Truitt this week hosted the final meeting of her advisory group, engaged in efforts to redesign school performance grades. That group, known as the Testing and Accountability Group within Operation Polaris, has worked throughout the fall and winter months to develop an alternative to the state’s current accountability model.

Other updates and work still to come

Yesterday, the State Board of Education heard an update on the work to redesign school performance grades. Read more about potential school indicators from EdNC. In addition, lawmakers recently filed HB 26, Education Omnibus Bill, which includes language requiring the Superintendent to study school achievement, growth and performance–and report findings to House and Senate education committees by April 15, 2023. The bill also requires the Department of Public Instruction to submit a report to lawmakers with proposed revisions. Here’s the language in the bill about what should be in that report:

SECTION 4.(b) On or before February 15, 2024, the Department of Public Instruction shall submit a report to the Joint Legislative Education Oversight Committee on suggested changes to the school evaluation model used in Part 1B of Article 8 of Chapter 115C 13 of the General Statutes. The report shall include at least the following: (1) Potential indicators to be considered when evaluating schools. (2) The differences between the potential indicators and the current school 16 performance indicators. (3) An analysis of whether the potential indicators will comply with federal law. (4) Recommended legislative changes to school performance indicators, scores, 19 and grades.

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