U.S. Senate rejects resolution to overturn new federal charter regulations

By December 15, 2022 News

The U.S. Senate yesterday rejected a resolution to overturn new federal charter requirements. Senator Tim Scott led the effort to invalidate the regulations, sponsoring the resolution under the Congressional Review Act.  More than 20 other senators, including Senator Richard Burr and Thom Tillis of North Carolina, co-signed the resolution.

Watch Senator Scott’s floor remarks the day before the vote.

Background on the regulations

The burdensome new requirements, which govern grants under the federal Charter Schools Program, elicited swift and strong backlash in the spring. In response, the Department of Education made some changes. But, advocates remain concerned about the requirements as well as their detrimental impact on charter growth.

In fact, this fall the Coalition joined a lawsuit from the Pacific Legal Foundation challenging the regulations and the Education Department’s authority to make them. Read more about that lawsuit in North State Journal. Learn more here about congressional efforts to overturn the regulations.