View the Coalition’s new video featuring inspiring charter voices

By December 2, 2022 News

The Coalition is debuting a new video featuring inspiring charter voices in North Carolina. Recorded at the Coalition’s reception during the 2022 A.I.M. Conference, the video includes vignettes from Charter One’s Joe Maimone and charter educator Renee Goodwin. In addition, the video includes interviews with Dr. Joanne Woodard, the founder and executive director of Sallie B. Howard School, and Jonathan Bryant, the chief administrator at Lincoln Charter School. Jonathan also chairs the Coalition’s Board of Directors.

Charter schools, as these leaders point out, can make a powerful difference in a child’s life. Dr. Woodard, whose school is a 2021 National Blue Ribbon School, says of students, “They come in not having a good foundation. We’ve got to get them to a high place. And how do we do that? We have very good instructional strategies.”

Learn more by watching our new Charter Voices video below.