New Tool Allows Users to Track Per Pupil Expenditures by School

By November 1, 2022 News

BEST NC has unveiled a new tool that allows users to track per-pupil expenditures in N.C. between 2018 and 2021. Called the “Per Pupil Expenditure Interactive Data Explorer,” the web-based tool features data on both district and public charter schools. Moreover, users can study funding trends at the school level, within school districts, or even across districts, according to BEST NC.

Public charter schools are shortchanged on local dollars

A quick look at the data confirms what charter leaders have long known: Public charter schools receive considerably less local funding compared to district schools. In 2020-21, for instance, average per-pupil expenditures at public charter schools represented about 63% of per-pupil expenditures at district schools, based on local funding.

Here’s a screenshot from BEST NC showing the difference:

Source: Best NC, “Per Pupil Expenditure Interactive Data Explorer.”

View Best NC’s announcement here. Read an article about the tool from EdNC.