The Wall Street Journal Recognizes N.C. 4th Graders for NAEP Performance

By October 27, 2022 News

Fourth grade students in N.C. charter schools significantly outperformed non-charter students on a recent national test. That finding, from new 2022 results on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, has attracted attention from national media. In fact, earlier this week The Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board cited N.C. charter performance as another reason to favor school choice.

Here’s how the Editorial Board summed up findings:

The NAEP results support the case for school choice. Charter school performance was uneven, but in at least 11 states charter fourth graders outperformed their non-charter counterparts in math in 2022, including in Alaska (+16 points), Nevada (+12 points) and North Carolina (+21 points). NAEP says reporting standards were not met for a charter comparison in 22 states.

Read the full article from The Wall Street Journal: (“The School Lockdown Catastrophe”).

View an earlier Coalition blog post on national findings. We’ll have more analysis for you on this blog in the coming days about the overall performance of N.C. charter students on NAEP.

Kristen Blair

Author Kristen Blair

Kristen Blair is the communications director for the North Carolina Coalition for Charter Schools.

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