A deep dive on parent polling–how the pandemic pivoted perceptions

By August 30, 2022 News

New poll findings from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, released last week, continue to generate media coverage. Parents, as the report makes clear, like freedom and choice in education. Actually, they want even more of it and they’re willing to switch political parties to get it, supporting candidates whose views on education align with their own. This is the new normal. In fact, parents are “never going back”–to pre-pandemic perceptions and expectations about education.

Such is the title of the report–“Never Going Back”–and the Alliance outlines four key reasons why in a new blog post:

  • Parents value choice. More than 9 in 10 agree “one size doesn’t fit all in education.”
  • Safety is top of mind. For parents, it beats out all other issues as the most “essential” factor in education.
  • Parents who switched schools like the choice they’ve made. Nearly 9 in 10 affirm the switch has produced “positive change.”
  • Public charter schools enjoy strong support. More than three-quarters of parents want more of them in their area.

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