‘Keeping Choice in Education Is Fragile’–New Op-Ed

By August 17, 2022 News

Lindalyn Kakadelis, the Coalition’s executive director, has a new op-ed out today in North State Journal. Titled “Keeping Choice in Education Is Fragile,” it shares current context for the state’s charter movement. In addition, it outlines political reality. Many who benefit from charters may not know that these schools are politically fragile.

Yet charter supporters, as Lindalyn points out, have the winning argument. Public charter schools simply wish to exist, offering another free, public educational option for parents who want one. Responsive lawmakers on both sides of the aisle recognize this and support public school choice.

Lindalyn writes:

Now we stand at the threshold of a new school year and an important election season. Here’s my hope for the year ahead: that the ranks of Democrats and Republicans who back the mission of public charter schools continue to grow. Earlier this year, my organization, the North Carolina Coalition for Charter Schools, handed out 22 Charter Champion awards to state legislators from both parties. These savvy lawmakers recognize that public education shouldn’t be a political football. They know that it’s their job, like mine, to respond to the wishes of parents who want more choice in public education, not less.

Read the full op-ed here.

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