National Poll: Rebounding Support for Choice, Charter Schools

By August 16, 2022 News

A new national poll from Education Next, released yesterday, shows rebounding support for school choice and public charter schools, following a sizeable dip in 2021. The poll queried nearly 1,800 American adults in May 2022, assessing their views on education reform, spending, control, and more.  In addition, the poll reveals a growing partisan divide on a number of issues in K-12 education. Read a full analysis of the poll: “Partisan Rifts Widen, Perceptions of School Quality Decline: Results of the 2022 Education Next Survey of Public Opinion.

Favorability on charter schools is rebounding after a dip during the pandemic

Support for some school choice options had ticked down in 2021, right after the height of the pandemic, but now is headed back up. Overall, 45% of respondents in the Education Next poll said they favored charter schools; 36% were opposed and 19% were neutral. In 2020, the percentage of respondents supporting charter schools was 44%, and in 2021, it dropped to 41%.

Charter school favorability is higher among parents, minorities, and Republicans.

  • Parent respondents: 51% support charter schools.
  • Black respondents: 54% favor charter schools.
  • Hispanic respondents: 47% support charter schools.
  • Republican respondents: 55% favor charter schools.

Here’s a screenshot of that question from the poll:

Source: “2022 Education Next Survey”

Support for other forms of school choice and innovation are growing as well. A majority of Americans, 55%, support magnet schools (specialized public high schools). A similar percentage, 54%, favor allowing parents to homeschool.

Which level of government should make most education decisions? Americans say state government should.

In addition, roughly half of respondents believe the level of government that should have the most sway over K-12 decisions is state government. Nearly one in three said local government. Here’s how respondents answered when asked which level of government should make most decisions about K-12 education:

  • State: 49%
  • Local: 28%
  • Federal: 23%

Another screenshot from the poll:

Source: “2022 Education Next Survey”

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