Expanding awareness of nonpartisan research to drive decision-making in N.C.

By August 11, 2022 News

Earlier this week, Coalition Executive Director Lindalyn Kakadelis met with Anna Beavon Gravely, the leader of NC Free. A nonpartisan research organization, NC Free (North Carolina Free Enterprise Foundation) delivers data and insights to inform decision-making. Beavon Gravely has led the organization since 2019.

Lindalyn meets with Anna Beavon Gravely, the executive director of NC Free.

Leveraging the power of data visualization to show trends, provide analysis

One of NC Free’s key objectives is using data visualization to show trends. That, in turn, enables the group to offer insights about the state’s shifting business and political landscape.

Interested in learning more about business trends?¬†Find NC Free’s Business Development Dashboard here. Search by sector. Or, take a deeper dive by county.

Here’s a look at payroll growth in the Educational Services sector, for instance.

According to NC Free’s analysis, Educational Services represents the second-fastest growing sector in urban counties (as measured by annual payroll). In fact, the sector grew 111%. In rural counties, Educational Services represents the third-fastest growing sector, increasing 206%.

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