National dashboard puts charter data at users’ fingertips

By July 28, 2022 News

Looking for charter data? The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has published a Charter School Data Dashboard that’s updated for 2022. The dashboard includes both national and state-level data.  For instance, you can view charter enrollment by state. Or, you can see the distribution of charter schools by locale. Alternatively, you can assess student demographics.

A charter movement with steady growth

What’s the latest data on the charter movement?

  • 44 states have charter laws
  • 3.4 million students attend charter schools
  • 7,700 charter schools operate nationwide
  • 205,600 teachers work at charter schools

National data show a charter movement with consistent growth. Here’s a snapshot from the Alliance of growth since 2012:

Source: National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, “Charter School Data Dashboard.”

Want to take a deeper dive?

Access tables and figures. Or, navigate state-level data. For instance, here’s North Carolina’s distribution of charter schools, by locale:

Source: National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, State-level Data: North Carolina.