Coalition Recognizes 2021-22 Charter Champions

By June 29, 2022 News
As the 2022 Short Session wraps up, the Coalition is working to recognize our “Charter Champions” in the North Carolina General Assembly. Republicans and Democrats alike, these lawmakers have supported the success and sustainability of North Carolina’s charter school movement throughout 2021-22. As a result, we are honoring their commitment to charter schools and school choice.

Coalition 2021-22 Charter Champions

This week, Lindalyn Kakadelis, the Coalition’s executive director, has been making the rounds at the General Assembly with Lee Teague, a member of the Coalition’s Government Relations Team. While there, Lindalyn is awarding 26 certificates, recognizing the following 2021-22 Coalition Charter Champions:


House Speaker Tim Moore with Lindalyn Kakadelis.

Senate Leader Phil Berger with Lindalyn Kakadelis.

Senator Paul Lowe with Lindalyn Kakadelis and Lee Teague.

Senator Mike Woodard with Lindalyn Kakadelis and Lee Teague.