Apply for 2022 STOP Awards and the Yass Prize in Education

By June 9, 2022 News

Are you interested in applying for an award that recognizes your innovation as an educator? If so, consider applying for a 2022 STOP Award. The deadline to apply is July 15. Awards go to education providers whose work is:

  • Sustainable
  • Transformational
  • Outstanding
  • Permissionless

Read more about these ideas here. See the Coalition’s earlier blog post on the STOP Awards. Created by charter school founder and philanthropist Janine Yass, the STOP Awards are a partnership between Forbes and the Center for Education Reform.

$10 million in 2022 awards

Awards for 2022 total $10 million. Moreover, $1 million of this amount will go in a grand prize to the group that most embodies the STOP principles. The Foundation has dubbed this the Yass Prize and is referring to it as the “Pulitzer Prize for Education.” In addition to the Yass Prize, the STOP Foundation will distribute:

  • Four $250,000 awards (finalists)
  • 27 $200,000 awards (semifinalists)
  • 32 $100,000 awards (quarterfinalists)

Apply for a STOP Award here.