2022 Politics of Education Poll: High Support for Choice, Charters, and Change

By April 26, 2022 News

K-12 education is top of mind for many voters as election season draws near. That’s a key take-away from a new national poll of voters, conducted in March by Murmuration, a “multi-partisan, political strategy organization.”  Polling data feature responses from a national sample of voters as well as voters in 10 “focus jurisdictions” (9 states and the District of Columbia).

Overall findings show voters believe education is critically important. They want change in schools, and now. Moreover, following two years of pandemic learning, “school choice is ascendant,” notes Murmuration.

Change, right now

  • 52% of voters say K-12 education is “very important right now.”
  • 54% of parents of school-aged children say now is the time “to begin working on the big ideas and changes necessary to improve education for our children.”
  • 57% of voters support school choice.

Here’s the table from the poll memo with the school choice breakdown by party affiliation:

Source: Murmuration Politics of Education 2022 Benchmark Poll (Memo)

A majority of voters support school choice

Among voters, 66% of Republicans, 59% of Independents, and 51% of Democrats support school choice.

While there are no substantive generational differences in support for choice among Republicans, that is not true for Democrats. Specifically, among Democrats, poll findings show a “shifting set of generational values,” notes Murmuration. Support for choice is strongest among younger Democrats and weakest among older Democrats.

  • For instance, 61% of Gen Z and millennial Democrats support school choice.
  • 54% of Gen X Democrats support choice
  • Just 38% of Baby Boomer and Silent Generation Democrats support school choice.

More than 6 in 10 voters support public charter schools

The poll also found 61% of voters support public charter schools nationwide; just 25% oppose charters. Here’s the table from the poll cross tabs:

Source: Murmuration Politics of Education 2022 Benchmark Poll (Cross tabs)

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