A New Law in New Mexico Opens Doors and Dollars for Charter Facilities

By March 24, 2022 News

Charter advocates in New Mexico are celebrating a big legislative victory earlier this month. State lawmakers passed, and the Governor signed, legislation that significantly increases public support for charter facilities. Titled “Charter School Facility Improvements” (HB 43), the law creates a $10M Charter School Revolving Loan Fund. Charter schools may use loans for “the purchase, construction, expansion or renovation of facilities,” according to language in the bill. Loans may also be used to “pay off lease-purchase agreements.” In addition, districts must make unused facilities available to charters in the district–for lease, lease-purchase, or purchase.

The ‘biggest victory for charter schools so far this year’

Todd Ziebarth, the senior vice president of state advocacy and support at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, calls the law “the biggest victory for charter schools so far this year.” Read the Alliance’s press release here.

Amazingly, the bill passed the state legislature unanimously.  In a recent blog post, Ziebarth writes:

The vote in the House was 64-0 and the vote in the Senate was 41-0. Every Republican and every Democrat voted for this bill—a remarkable result in this hyper-partisan moment achieved by our partners at Public Charter Schools of New Mexico, NewMexicoKidsCAN, the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce, Excellent Schools New Mexico, and Teach Plus New Mexico.

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