Lindalyn on Fox 46 News in support of Union County charter students

By January 11, 2022 News

Last night, Fox 46/Queen City News interviewed Lindalyn for a story about a new policy from the Union County Board of Education. The policy excludes public charter, private, and home school students from even applying to public high schools with special programs. Only students enrolled in district schools may apply to admission lotteries. The Board passed the policy on Dec. 7.

From the Fox 46 story:

“Basically, they are saying that if you do not attend a middle school in the Union County system then you cannot even apply to go to these special programs,” says Lindalyn Kakadelis, executive director of North Carolina Coalition of Charter Schools. “Even though you live within the county and the families are paying their tax money to that county.”

The issue also draws the critical eye of the North Carolina Coalition of Charter Schools. The group wrote a letter to the board asking for a revision of the policy, but so far, no moves have been made.

“We want as many educational options available for everyone,” added Kakadelis.

Fox 46 Interview with Lindalyn

Find the Fox 46 story here. Read the Coalition’s letter to the Union County Board of Education here.