A tool to keep you updated on school closures nationwide

By November 30, 2021 News

Want to track K-12 school openings and closures nationwide? Check out the online school opening tracker on Burbio. The platform provides a variety of visual tools for capturing data on school operations. Here’s the latest table from Burbio, tracking closures over time:

Source: Burbio, “School Opening Tracker”

School closures rising nationwide

A new article from The 74 notes that school closures are increasing across the country. This was true even before last week, when reports of the Omicron variant became widespread. Reasons for closures include viral outbreaks, staff shortages, and more. North Carolina is the state hit the hardest by school closures, writes The 74:

“The numbers suggest that nearly 10 percent of the nation’s roughly 98,000 K-12 schools have experienced closures this year. In Maryland, more than 3 in 10 schools have been affected by at least one day of disruption this academic year. In North Carolina, where such events have been most frequent, the number is above 4 in 10.”

Burbio also tracks mask policies by state. Learn more here.