Even some leaders don’t know the facts on charters

By November 22, 2021 News
We routinely emphasize the need to state the facts about charter schools. Public debate and dialogue about education often include misinformation or misrepresentation about what charter schools are and do. Sometimes, even our leaders don’t know the facts.

Charter schools discussed on the House Floor

Last week, that reality was clear–on the floor of the NC House of Representatives. We provide a clip below from Rep. Reives, in which he says:
“We’ve got to invest in all of our people. We talk about school choice a lot up here. But it stops being a choice when the public education system isn’t working any more. Once that happens, there isn’t a choice. There is the–‘I can afford to pay for a charter or private school, or I have to go to this school that doesn’t work’ …”

But … charter schools are public and free!

We couldn’t agree more with Rep. Reives about investing in all people! But, as we know, charter schools are public and free–just like district schools. Charter schools are open to all, and no family pays tuition!
You’ll hear more from us in 2022 as we engage in a focused campaign to share the full facts about charters.
Watch the clip:
“Public and free:
Charter facts even our leaders don’t know”
Public and free: Charter facts even our leaders don't know