Another call to action on 2021-22 hold harmless provisions

By September 14, 2021 News
In this post, we share more information about our ongoing push for ADM hold harmless provisions. As we mentioned in last week’s call to action, numerous charter schools have experienced unexpected drops in enrollment this fall as a result of the COVID Delta variant and the uncertainty families feel. Moreover, charters were not authorized to provide planned virtual instruction until August 30.

What we’re doing

We’re pushing on a couple of fronts. First, we’re working with leadership at the Department of Public Instruction and the State Board of Education. We are asking leaders to treat charters like district schools for 2021-22 funding. This would mean basing funding on the best of Day 20 OR Day 40 ADM counts. Second, we’re working with General Assembly leaders, urging them to use COVID relief funds to hold public schools harmless in the state budget for 2021-22 ADM.
But, we need your help too!

A Call to Action

Please contact Appropriations Committee Chairs in both chambers (listed below). Ask them to hold public schools harmless in the state budget for 2021-22 ADM. Share this information with parents in your school community.
You can educate parents about what will happen to your school if public schools are not held harmless for 2021-22. Then, they can take action on their own. Lawmakers need to hear directly from you and parents in your community about potential impacts for your school!
We have talking points for you as well. If you prefer to send an email, you can access sample email text from last week’s call to action.

General Assembly leaders to contact

House Appropriations Committee
919.715.3007 and 704.282.0418
House Appropriations/Education Committee
919.733.5865 and 336.625.9210
919.733.5868 and 704.263.9282
Senate Appropriations/Base Budget Committee
Senate Appropriations/Education/Higher Education Committee
In addition, feel free to reach out to lawmakers who represent you directly–or to those you know personally. Find your legislators here.

Talking points

Causes of significant drops in ADM for 2021-22
  • The COVID Delta variant has fueled major changes in K-12 enrollment that schools could not have foreseen. Such changes were not clear in June when public schools provided 2021-22 ADM projections.
  • Authorization to offer virtual instruction for 2021-22 did not come until August 30. This occurred after most schools had begun the academic year. Enrollments have been impacted significantly by families leaving charter schools for a remote learning option.
  • Because public schools must follow mask mandates from local public health departments, numerous parents have opted this fall for home schools or private schools.
Why ADM hold harmless provisions for 2021-22 are essential
  • Preserving capacity for students and sustainability for schools hinges on sufficient funding for 2021-22. Drastic reductions in funding will lead to long-term consequences that will not be easily undone.
  • We do not want schools to be in the position of having to downsize staff or lower enrollment caps. We expect that students and families will come back, and we must be ready for them when they return. Please ensure that charter and district schools are held harmless in the state budget for 2021-22 ADM.