Legislative updates on H 366 and H 729

By August 26, 2021 News
We have updates to some legislation we’ve been tracking in the General Assembly.

H 366 – Regulatory Reform Act of 2021

On Monday, Governor Cooper signed H 366/SL 2021-117 into law. This legislation includes a Coalition priority. It requires NC Pre-K operators to provide parents with information about public charter school options in the county.  This provision will now take effect January 1, 2022.

H 729 – Charter School Omnibus

Governor Cooper vetoed H 729 earlier this week. The bill addresses residency licensure as well as changes to Charter Schools Advisory Board (CSAB) appointments.

The Governor released this statement about his veto:

“The State Board of Education is constitutionally and statutorily charged with administering children’s education in state public schools, including charter schools. It is critical that the Board have both of their appointments to the Charter School Advisory Board to carry out its constitutional duties.”