Immediate action: congressional bill threatens charter funding

By July 21, 2021 News
A bill headed to the House Rules Committee tomorrow threatens federal funding for charter schools. Changes need to be made to the bill as soon as possible. Please take action.

Language in H.R. 4502

Because of the threat, we want Section 314 to be removed, as it has major implications for public charter schools. Here is the language from the bill, H.R. 4502 (Section 314, page 161):
SEC. 314. None of the funds made available by this Act or any other Act may be awarded to a charter school that contracts with a for-profit entity to operate, oversee or manage the activities of the school.
What does this mean? As the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools has written,

All schools—district, charter, magnet, and private—contract with businesses to provide students with services and supplies that they need. Charter school leaders would be forced to choose between accessing the federal funds their students are entitled to or working with businesses to provide the supplies and services their students need.

School leaders, please educate your parents about this bill.  You can educate as a non-profit. Tell parents about Section 314 and how it impacts your school and their child. Encourage them to contact their representatives regarding their opinions.  You can relate to your parents this request came from the NC Coalition for Charter Schools.
Find more information about your congressional representative here.
Kristen Blair

Author Kristen Blair

Kristen Blair is the communications director for the North Carolina Coalition for Charter Schools.

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