Congratulations, 2021 high school graduates!

By June 1, 2021 News

Congratulations, Class of 2021! At public charter schools across North Carolina, seniors are marking a major milestone.  High school graduation this year is all the more impressive than usual, given pandemic challenges. Seniors, we salute you and your families!

On Friday, Lindalyn visited Pinnacle Classical Academy in Shelby, North Carolina. A top-performing public charter school, Pinnacle emphasizes Core Knowledge and character education. Lindalyn met with staff on site as they prepared for graduation weekend. While at Pinnacle, Lindalyn also met with Corey DeAngelis and Denisha Merriweather from the American Federation of Children.

Corey was the featured speaker at Pinnacle’s graduation awards on Friday night. Here’s a picture of Lindalyn and Corey beforehand:

The national director of research at the American Federation for Children, Corey regularly makes the case for school choice. His research illuminates the numerous benefits of school choice programs–including for outcomes outside school!

Want to learn more? To listen to a recent radio interview with Corey, click here.