How to celebrate National Charter Schools Week this week

By May 11, 2021 News

It’s National Charter Schools Week!

Around the nation, charter supporters are celebrating National Charter Schools Week. This year, public charter schools are celebrating their 30th birthday! The first charter law in the nation was passed in Minnesota in 1991.

Since then, the charter school movement has grown exponentially. What can you and your school do to shine a light on charters? First, start by sharing your story. Tell others about the good work your school is doing to educate students through innovation and choice.

Other ways to celebrate

Next, watch the webinar from the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. They have lots of ideas for ways schools and students can take action. Here’s the webinar:


What else? Tomorrow, the Alliance is hosting a “30 under 30” celebration, highlighting the successes of 30 young charter change-makers. Register here.

On Thursday, students can participate in “Student Speak Day.” From the Association:

Students from across the country will reach out to their congressional representatives (via their teachers) to share what they love about their charter school and why it’s important to continue to support the growth and expansion of more charter schools through programs like the Charter Schools Program.

Learn more here.

Finally, on Friday, charter supporters can showcase their charter knowledge by playing a nationwide trivia game on Kahoot!.  Learn more here.

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