Charters encouraged, not required, to provide summer learning

By April 28, 2021 May 27th, 2021 Legislation, News

The summer learning law has been signed. What are charters required to do?

First, a recap:

Governor Cooper signed HB 82, now Session Law 2021-7, on April 9. The law requires school districts to develop learning recovery programs for Summer 2021. But, what does the law require of charters?

Here’s the bottom line:

Charters are not mandated to provide summer learning programs. They are encouraged to do so. Coalition lobbyists worked to keep charters out of this mandate–and protect charters’ autonomy. Charters can continue to serve their students as they see best.
Ultimately, charter schools follow an accountability model that is “performance-based”– not rule-based. They have freedom to do what they believe works best for their students, whether that’s summer learning or fall enrichment. They are responsible for the performance of their students.

Guidance from the State Board of Education:

Last week, the State Board of Education approved guidance for SL 2021-7.
Charters that intend to provide summer learning are encouraged BUT not required to submit a plan. The Office of Charter Schools will inform schools about submitting plans later this month. Schools should use ESSER II funds for their summer programs.

More reading:

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